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#1.6 HL Energy Bottle Newest Model


HL Energy Water Bottle is ideal for:

  1. Drinking
  2. Dental Hygiene Test
  3. Facial Cleanse
  4. Watering plants
  5. Brewing tea, coffee, or soup
  6. Heating (When filled with hot water)

HL Energy Bottle can help to:

  1. Alkaline basic, small molecules, negative ionic charge, high oxygen content, trace elements, etc.
  2. Eliminates smoke toxins, alcohol poisoning, acidic metabolites, fats
  3. Improves microcirculation, and eliminates constipation.
  4. Detoxifies & promotes metabolism
  5. Clear excess free radicals encourage anti-aging
  6. Provides the necessary nutrients to cells, enhance immunity
  7. Balances the body bioelectrical charge
  8. Activates cells through micro-vibrations, promoting repair and regeneration, and Improves the body’s oxygen content
  9. Helps resist electric radiation and water pulse radiation Energy Test: balance, judgment, strength, flexibility, dissolved oxygen cells, acidity, and molecules of minerals
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